The Story Behind Boomtown

The Boomtown Story

Hi, my name is Dana Precious. I grew up in Muskegon and went to M.S.U.

After graduation I couldn’t find a job around here. So I headed out to Los Angeles.
I spent many years working as an executive at film studios.

But I always wanted to get back to my beloved Muskegon.

Finally, I screwed up my courage packed up my son and we moved home.

Pretty much the first thing I asked was, “Where do I get toilet paper around here?”

Turns out, you didn’t.
You drove.
For miles.
I thought, heck, I know about organic food. I know about beer and wine. The rest I’ll figure out.

My son says Boomtown Market is, “Like industrial Muskegon had a love child with funky L.A.”
I think he’s right and I’m hoping you’ll like the result.

Oh, and why am I calling my market Boomtown?

Cause that’s exactly what Muskegon is right now.
It’s booming. And I’m so happy to be a part of it all.